Has Taylor Lautner Left Hollywood?

Anyone who has seen the Twilight movies knows who Taylor Lautner is.  At a very young age, he landed his most known role to date, that of Jake Black, one of three characters in a love triangle in the story.


May critiques applauded his character in the movie, and his portrayal of that character.  They even went so far as to say that he would be Hollywood’s next big player.  It seems though, that they may very well be wrong.

Since the last Twilight movie, Lautner has not been seen much.  Seems the film industry has either quit him, or he has quit it.  So, the question remains…has Lautner left Hollywood behind?

When one actually delves into the facts of the situation, it is more a case of Hollywood leaving Lautner behind, not so much the other way around.  It seems that even though he was riding high on the Twilight movies, once those played out, it seems Hollywood’s love for Lautner followed close behind.

Image: Redes Sociales

After being courted for multiple movie roles, Lautner set his sights on the movie “Abduction”.  Co-starring Lily Collins and Sigourney Weaver, the movie looked to be the one to launch his post Twilight career.  But, as fate would have it the movie was deemed a major flop.  Having made a measly $2 million world-wide, and costing a hefty $35 million to make, the movie was doomed.  And the critics panning it didn’t help matters much either.

With the reality that he could not get his asking price for future projects, after the performance of “Abduction” at the box-office, Lautner started turning his sights to the small screen.  He landed a role on the tv series “Cuckoo” and then on the series “Scream Queens”.

So, it seems Taylor Lautner is still around, just on our small screens rather than the big screen.  When interviewed, he has stated many times how he is enjoying this endeavor, and feels it stretches him more, as an actor.