Halloween Carvings That Aren’t Pumpkins

Halloween is coming up and for many families, that means carving pumpkins. If you’re looking for something different to do this year, check out this alternatives:

By Brit + Co


The red flesh is perfect for Halloween, and you get to eat the insides that you remove! The flesh is much softer and easier to carve out than a pumpkin, while the exterior has a similar texture to pumpkins, so use the same tools.


You don’t hollow out radishes because they’re too small and you won’t be using a tealight in them, but in the daylight, their red skin and white interior are a gorgeous contrast. Carve designs and faces carefully with a small, sharp knife.


A lot of blogs have been promoting pineapples as a pumpkin alternative. The spiky top and outside flesh give this carving a unique look. To carve, cut the top off a little below the leaves and then cut through the inside all the way around, leaving just a few centimeters of flesh inside. Take out the center and eat. Now the pineapple is hollow and can be carved. Once you’ve put your tealight inside, pop the top back on like a lid.

From Kathy Saloka

Butternut squash

A close relative of the pumpkin, butternut squashes have a totally different shape, so your carvings will be kooky and wonky in the best ways. They have a similar, hard texture to pumpkins so it’s a good step if you want to challenge yourself, but not too much. Depending on how skinny the squash it, hollowing it out can be tricky, so use caution.

By Rannpháirtí anaithnid


In Ireland, the first jack o’lanterns weren’t pumpkins, they were turnips. We even have historical examples, and boy, are they freaky. Turnips are actually great for carving because you don’t have to scoop out any seeds. They’re also smaller and cheaper, so you can make a bunch and set them up in a windowsill. You can also carve designs without hollowing them out if you so choose.