Feel Good

Busted! These Guilty-Faced Adorable Pups Were Caught In the Act

These furry little rule-breakers are as adorable as they are mischievous.   Canine companions can be just as curious and shifty as a cat.  Where these two creatures differ, however, is in how bad they feel about their misdoings. Anyone who’s been a puppy parent knows when their dog has been up to something—the guilty look of shame is a giveaway every time.  Here are some of the funniest dog/puppy shaming and guilty-look faces of all time!

The Diaper Years

Don’t you ever wonder what goes through a dog’s mind as they get into a household item and continue to devour it? There’s no way that petroleum jelly tastes good—not to a dog, let alone any creature out there. Why do doggos love such gross stuff?


My Bad, I Didn’t Mean To

According to Scientific American, 74% of dog owners out there believe that their dogs experience feelings of guilt. There’s not much empirical evidence for these kinds of secondary emotions, though, as scientists tend to believe that non-human animals don’t have the same self-awareness that we do.

The Dodo