Gin and Lime Popsicles Are Now a Thing

The summer heat is starting up and people are looking for some colder foods and beverages to consume for when they are out in the heat. One of the more popular options is popsicles, since they last a longer time and are incredibly versatile as you can make popsicles nearly any flavor imaginable.

Now, one company is adding another element to the classic popsicle, which is booze. Instead of  sipping on a gin and tonic in the sunshine, you can suck on a gin and tonic popsicle which will also last longer. The United Kingdom-based company POPS, which is known for creating adult popsicles made gin and lime their newest flavor and it is a great pick for summer.

These boozy popsicles, which are individually wrapped, are made with real lime juice and Gordon’s London Dry Gin. However, there is only 0.5 level of alcohol per volume, so you can still enjoy your day or night. These pops have bright green packaging and can simply be pushed up out of the round container so they are easy to eat on the go or outside. Each pop is also only 47 calories


The pops, which are available for purchase by everyone eighteen years and older in the United Kingdom, can be purchased at Tesco locations across the country. The company also made purchases available online through their website, so there is no need to take a trip across the pond to enjoy these.

There is a more recent trend of boozy popsicles in the United States of America, which actually include a much higher alcohol content inside them. Most of these boozy choices are available at Costco locations nationwide. So far, most of these options are vodka based, since this is the first gin and lime popsicle choice ever.