Ghostbusters 2020 Sequel Reportedly Confirmed To Have Wrapped Production

After the reboot of Ghostbusters, starring Melissa McCarthy, seemed to have left a somewhat slimy taste for the fans of the franchise, it appears that someone listened.

As not only has the original Ghostbuster member himself, Dan Ackroyd, confirmed the sequel, but it seems that the word is production on the film has indeed wrapped just last month.

What makes the film all that more exciting is that the original cast of the previous Ghostbusters, pre-reboot, has been confirmed as returning for what is being said to be titled Ghostbusters 2020.

Image: Comic Book

It had been rumored that Bill Murray may or may not return, but it seems that he was spotted having drinks with his fellow ‘busters at a hotel bar located near the set of the film.

Many are speculating that this confirms that Murray will appear in the film, joining his fellow former Ghostbusters, although how big that role will prove to be is anyone’s guess.

Sigourney Weaver, who played Murray’s love interest in the previous outings, had stated she was, in fact, reuniting with the old team, but she did not offer any specific names.

Image: sb Dirty South Soccer

Although, with the news that Murray is involved in the film in some unknown capacity, fans are still waiting to hear about whether or not Rick Moranis will be returning as fan-favorite Louis Tully.

As many may recall, Louis was the bumbling accountant that lived down the hall from Weaver’s character, Dana Barrett.  Moranis had been asked to appear in the recent Ghostbusters reboot, and subsequently turned the offer down.  When asked about his decision, Moranis said:

“Why would I do one day of shooting on something I did 30 years ago?”

As it looks now, fans will probably never know if Moranis has decided to join the old gang or not, until we see him on the big screen.  Or until Ackroyd decides to leak the information, much as he did with Murray’s involvement.