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Ghost Towns: A Vacation Destination

When planning a family trip, why not try visiting someplace a little different. If you are a fan of history, then taking a tour of a bonified ghost town may just be what is in order. There are several to choose from that are pretty much guaranteed to create wonderful family memories for years to come.

Bodie, California

In 1859, gold rushers formed this town in the hopes of finding the same precious gold that the towns namesake, William Bodie, had found. They were soon disappointed and as a result vacated the small town. Nothing has changed in the town in the nearly 150 years after the original settlers left  Visitors can find homes with tables set for meals, as well as the shops and restaurants still remaining stocked as they were over a century ago.

Image: Youtube

Bannack, Montana

Once featured on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, this former mining town is reported to be absolutely filled with paranormal activity. A thriving gold rush town at one point, prospectors moved on when gold was found in neighboring Virginia City. In 1950 Montana granted the town state park status, and today visitors are able to explore over sixty structures still intact and standing.

Thurmond, West Virginia

Currently serving as merely a stopping point for those wanting to go rafting on the New River Gorge, Thurmond was once a thriving community. Although most visitors would not know it there are still five people who still call the town home. With the train depot now being a museum, the small-town surprising has not been touched by any modern development. Thurmond is truly an example of how most times prosperity could be very fleeting.

Image: Laura Sala

Essex County Jail Annex, North Caldwell, New Jersey

Looking beyond the fact that just about any abandoned jail comes across as rather creepy, this particular facility is said to take creepiness to a whole new level. Closed down in the 1970’s, the facility was officially abandoned in the 1990’s. With inmate files strewn about, and evidence of gun shot marks covering the walls and ceilings, the structure has been left to decay. There are plenty of reminders to those who choose to trespass of the possible judgement that fate may bestow upon them.

When planning quality time with loved ones, if your famly enjoys the eerie remains of a bygone day, then make sure to add a few ghost towns onto your list on your next vacation. You are sure to create memories to last a lifetime.