Getting Ready For Office Post Pandemic

Eighteen months after COVID-19 hit the world and the United States, leading corporations bring employees back to work. Morning routines for many of us who have worked from home since March 2020 have consisted of sliding into comfy sweatpants. And wearing makeup was long forgotten.

So the prospect of resuming a daily schedule that includes putting together a workplace-appropriate outfit, applying cosmetics, and styling your hair before heading into the office could be stressful. It’s time to refresh your routines. That’s where planning comes in handy.

We’ve all heard the old saying about planning your wardrobe the night before, but it’s preferable to figure out what you’ll wear for the entire workweek before it begins, so you don’t have to think about it when you’re standing in your closet in the morning.

And it is always better to plan your hair wash days so that it aligns with your schedule.

Prepare by going through your closet to avoid wearing ill-fitting clothes and reduce choice stress when putting together outfits. Take a look through your closet and try on everything. You may think it fits, but you’ll never know. Your wardrobe should be a happy place.

As the unifying elements of your wardrobe, stick with a traditional color combination to create better outfits. Black, grey, white, and navy are the primary colors.

You can’t go wrong if you stick to that color scheme. You’ll always look fabulous, and you’ll always appear well-dressed.

Use pouches or a smaller purse to make packing your work bag easier.

Stick to three critical areas to emphasize when it comes to makeup: eyebrows, CC creams, or mascara.

These few tips should help as the office starts.