Getting flabby?

It’s happening. Your body is changing and not for the better! Sure, you’ve been considered “skinny” all your life but now, you can definitely tell stuff’s happening. Your belly’s sticking out more, legs are giggling more, arms are flabby – what’s going on?! Look, it’s just life, it happens. Although other people still see you as that “skinny” friend or family member, you know you’re body is changing and you’re not liking it. So, guess what? Now you have to start doing something about it.

It’s time to make a lifestyle change i.e. watch what you eat and get to exercising. People always told you eating taco bell every weekend would catch up to you and dammit they were right! Obviously cutting back on that fast food, pizza, and ice cream will definitely be a good place to start but probably not the only change needed. Start looking into a gym membership, or if you’re a real go-getter make a workout routine to do right at home! With things like pinterest, instagram and just a simple google search, you will find TONS of different workout methods to help you focus on that part of the body that is annoying you the most.

Just like it took time for all that horrible food and lack of exercise to catch up to you, the results are probably going to come realllllly slowly (unless you’re a guy!). You can’t expect to go to the gym 2-3 times in one week, eat relatively healthy and expect to be looking phenomenal just like that. Keep at it and you will see the results. Making these changes a routine, even though it will be extremely hard at first,  will definitely get you to where you are happy with your body AND healthy! Nobody said getting older was fun but at least you will feel less guilty when accidentally eat that whole pizza by yourself if you’re burning it off later!