Get Your Kids Interested in Coding With These Two Kits

Computer coding has become one of the most important skills a person could have in today’s job market. It’s no longer a skill reserved for just “programmers” and as time goes on, more and more people will know how to do it. Kids can even learn how to code with kits and modules designed specifically for them. Getting kids started early is a great way to get them interested and they are often really good at it because of how their minds work. Adults don’t always naturally think outside of the box, while kids do. Here are two kits every parent should consider buying for their child:

 Kano’s Harry Potter coding kit

Programming company Kano designs computers that people of any age can build themselves and this year, they released a kit to teach beginners how to code. Using the world of Harry Potter as inspiration, users use code to program a wand to perform “spells,” which come to life on a tablet or computer screen. With Kano’s software, kids use blocks of code as well as Javascript, so learning isn’t too complicated, but you can still see how the code works down to the bare bones. The software has an entertaining and engaging puzzle structure complete with challenges to get the coder started. All the challenges come from Harry Potter; for example, the “Incendio” program starts a fire. Once your kid works their way through the challenges, they can use their coding skills to create their own spells. At just $100, this is the perfect kit for beginners.

Lego Mindstorms

A classic kit in the coding world, Lego Mindstorms lets users build your own Lego robot and program it with software and any smart device. Their most recent is known as EV3. Upon opening the kit, you’ll find all the bricks, sensors, and motors necessary to build from your choice of 17 EV3 robots. Using the EV3 Programmer App (which comes free with the kit), you will learn how to write programs that connect to your robot’s brain and get it moving. The Mindstorms websites is packed with instructional videos and info on how everything works. Because this kit has a pretty hefty price tag (around $400), it’s best for kids who are a little older and have the focus and patience to stick with the robot. It could be a great project for you to do with them, too!