Get Your Best Stretches With Our Ultimate Stretching Guide

Exercise and stretching are essential components of health and fitness, but it’s easy to overlook stretches, especially if you don’t know which ones will work for you.

Stretching made easy is packed with information: You’ll discover the benefits of stretching and learn how to perform it correctly.

Keeping your body healthy is the key to keeping it happy and healthy: With Stretching Made Easy, we’ve put together expert-backed tips, helpful images, illustrations, and charts to get you started.

Here’s What You’ll Find In Your Member-Exclusive Guide

Prevention’s Stretching Made Easy guide shows you why stretching is good for you, how to manage stress and sleep, and how to strengthen weak spots. Expert trainers Kymberly Nolden and Larysa Didio prepare this guide to ensure you are stretching correctly.


Getting Motivated To Stretch

Explore the benefits of stretching on a direct and indirect level. These include moving around more easily and touching your toes but going far beyond that. Learn how to try ideally every time with these three steps.

The Seven Most Important Stretches

Get in shape with trainer Kymberly Nolden’s seven significant stretches. These core moves to target your hips, legs, back, shoulders, and body.

A forward bend, threading the needle, and a standing back arch are among the stretches. The stretches are accompanied by an image of Nolden performing them and a written explanation.


Stretches That Promote Healing

Specific stretches can help with many health issues. These targeted stretching remedies get rid of fatigue, belly bloat, sleep troubles, back aches, and more. These moves will help you feel better when you’re not feeling well.

Here Are Some Tips You Can Use Right Now

  • Drink up! Staying hydrated can improve mobility by drinking about eight glasses of water each day.
  • Stretches can help prepare your body for other exercises you’ll be doing.
  • Roll on a foam roller to reduce muscle tension and relieve aches and pains.