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Get To Know More About The Causes Of Contact Dermatitis

“Contact Dermatitis” is nothing but the rashes on the skin. It is called “eczema (skin inflammation).”

According to Dr. Bartholomew, “Signs of dermatitis can see and feel on your skin that includes redness, swelling, dryness, and itching.”

What Can Cause Contact Dermatitis?

Dr. Bartholomew says that there are many causes based on your “medical history, lifestyle, environment, and use of personal-care products.” The most common examples are traces of nickel in gold jewelry, fragrances in deodorants or detergents, and preservatives in make-up remover wipe.”

If you are experiencing any symptoms of contact dermatitis, it is better to consult a dermatologist.

Treatment For Contact Dermatitis

Once you are experiencing symptoms, it is better to get rid of them at the earliest. It would be best if you stopped applying make-up or skincare with fragrances,  essential oils, or other commonly irritating ingredients.

After consulting a dermatologist, “avoid all unwanted culprits, and focus on applying gentle skincare, and applying short courses of medicated creams, or ointments.”

How to Prevent Contact Dermatitis?

As far as avoiding contact dermatitis altogether, “simplifying your skincare routine can lessen the likelihood of irritation,” which means you are less exposed to potential triggering ingredients.

I would suggest starting with a trial on the new product to test whether it suits or not. “Many of you with sensitive skin should undergo this test to find out whether it works or not; if not, you can identify and avoid the products.”

In the end, if you are experiencing symptoms that may be contact dermatitis, a visit to an authorized dermatologist should put you on the right path.