Get Ready For A New Cheeto-riffic Sandwich Coming To KFC

KFC is rolling out a new style of sandwich at locations all across the United States, and chicken fans will be delighted.

Set to debut on July 1st is the newest of KFC’s fried chicken sandwiches.  What makes this one both unique and irresistible if that it has a layer of—wait for it—Cheetos.  Not only is the layer said to be a “pinch of the thumb, index, and middle fingers” thick, but the sandwich also boasts a layer of Cheetos sauce and mayo.  Yum!!

The sandwich, which is the first in a new strategy for the chicken chain, will only be available for four weeks.  The plan is that KFC will launch a variety of new and changing menu items for the remainder of 2019—more than in the previous five years combined, as announced by the president of KFC’s US business, Kevin Hochman, earlier in June.

Image: Elite Daily

Hochman told Business Insider that there is more to attracting customers than just the usual fun advertising and fun stunts.  If they are to really appeal to the younger customer, then the addition of chicken and sides is the route they will need to take.

Hochman went on to say:

“That’s really why we said we’re going to double down on innovation and try to figure out how we bring some new recipes to the restaurant.”

There are three main factors that KFC considers when deciding on a new menu item:  The item needs to be something that customers can not get anywhere else; they typically involve some sort of collaboration with another, well-known brand; and the most important they have to be affordable and budget friendly.

In celebration of the launch of KFC’s new Cheetos Sandwich, the food retailer will be holding a major event in New York City, that will features other Cheetos inspired dishes, such as Cheetos-fied KFC Hot Wings, Cheetos Loaded Fries, and a KFC Mac and Cheetos Bowl.