Gabourey Sidibe, 39. Sets History With A Unique Cover For Brides

Gabourey Sidibe’s love comes before anything else than a magazine cover.

This month, her appearance in Brides makes history as the first curvy Black woman to be featured, wearing unconventional gowns like a yellow tulle number and African print long dress.


She told the publication, “The fashion fits with Sidibe’s vision for her nuptials. I’m super against tradition. I don’t need a white dress. It’s not just about style: she’s also skipping bridesmaids and a bachelorette party.”

Their wedding is slated for spring 2023 in honor of the 39-year-old and fiancé, Brandon Frankel. Still, the pair may elope after meeting on the highly publicized dating app Raya.

She said, “The entire time we have been engaged, I’ve always been like, ‘No, we shouldn’t have a wedding.’ Maybe we’ll throw a barbecue, get married in the bathroom, and then we’ll come out and tell everyone we’re married.”

The couple’s relationship is top of mind, and Sidibe is not trying to put on a show for clout-seeking strangers, revealing that intimacy is their top priority.

Sidibe said, “I want 20 people there or like 75 max. Either way, a very, very select number of people who want to celebrate us, not like seeking attention.”

Unlike most people, Sidibe is not concerned with the usual markers of the significant event.


However, she wants to consider that a long-term partnership was something she did not expect to experience for quite some time.

Sidibe said, “I couldn’t imagine dating someone I liked. It turns out possible! So, I’m thrilled to have been wrong about where I saw my life going, partnership-wise. Brandon is an incredible, incredible partner.”