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Free Food Every Friday In October From Wendy’s

October is the month that ushers in fall weather, and as a result, it tends to cause a division amongst some people.  Some wait all year for the cooler temperatures, while others attempt to hang onto those last few moments of summer.

Whether you enjoy the fall season or are not fond of the transition to the cooler months, the odds are that you can agree on one thing—at the end of the week, it surely doesn’t get much better than being able to grab a good meal.

If you are one that takes advantage of purchasing your meals through a drive-thru, then Wendy’s has an exciting deal for you.  Every Friday, for the entire month of October, when using your mobile app to purchase a medium fry, you will be able to snag some free food.

What makes this even better is that the offer is in addition to the current free frosty with any purchase of fries all month long that is also going on.  Here is the rundown of the free items that you will get, in addition to an order of fries, for each week for the month of October:

Image: Penn Live

October 1 – Free Dave’s Single

October 8 – Free 10-piece Crispy or Spicy Nuggets

October 15 – Free Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

October 22 – Free 10-piece Crispy or Spicy Nuggets

October 29 – Free Classic Chicken Sandwich

Wendy’s has a new recipe for their fries, and there has never been a better time, or a better incentive, as this one to give them a try.  Then again, when it comes to French fries, most of us don’t really need an excuse to place an order.

However, in this case, you are buying a side of fries and then getting your main dish, as well as a dessert, for free.  Who could say no to that?