Fox Announces Two New “24” Spinoffs

Fox has announced that two new spinoffs of the phenomenally successful “24” are in the works.

It was known early on that Fox was working on a prequel to “24”.  But as it turns out the network is actually working on two separate projects based on the Jack Bauer thriller.

Image: Youtube

The first, of course, is the before mentioned prequel.  This spinoff will explore the early days of Jack Bauer (portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland in the original series), before the events of the first season of “24”.

The second is said to be a legal drama.  Following the same theme of the original series, the plot will make use of the now iconic ticking clock real-time format that made “24” the cult success that it has become, and in turn will take the concept into a totally different genre.

Many feel that the “24” concept may not have the real-world relevance that it once did.  As many fans already know, the original series was launched shortly after the tragic events occurring from the 9/11 terror attacks.  At that time the country was on edge, and the newly premiered series spoke to that edginess, which in turn made it the success it became.

Image: Squib News

However, after Fox launched a “24” spinoff, “24: Legacy”, which starred Corey Hawkins and not Keifer Sutherland, the series was canceled after one season.  It just may be that the days of this type of series may have passed.

The bigwigs at Fox feel confident that the two new spin-offs are destined to garner high ratings, and are definitely moving forward with the projects.