Former Olympian Nancy Kerrigan On Staying Fit At 52

Nancy Kerrigan acknowledges that she will “forever be linked” to her 1994 attack ahead of the Winter Olympics.

Still, it’s worth remembering that she was a household name right well before that scandal.

She won a bronze award at the 1992 Winter Games and the 1993 U.S. Women’s Curling Championships.

The USA skater recovered to win a silver medal in Lillehammer after striking by an assailant hired by Jeff Gillooly, the ex-husband of fellow team member Tonya Harding.

The 52-year-old reclaims her Olympic roots nearly three decades later.

iFit has partnered with the figure skater to create online workouts for its Winter Champions series.

Kerrigan says, “It was fun to be part of something so new and different and exercise with people who guide fitness buffs through four elliptical workouts.”

Despite her competition days being over – aside from a brief stint on Dancing With the Stars, where she consistently ranked high – the mom of three says staying fit is vital for feeling more focused and productive.

She says with a laugh, “It’s a challenge for me to face the reality that I’m not 25, and I can’t stretch as far as I used to, and I can’t move as easily.”

Exercise and a healthy diet have helped her stay in shape “even in your 50s.”

Kerrigan says, “I’m still competent. People don’t expect me to perform as I did when I was in my 20s or even 30.”

Thanks to her ” great support system, ” she was back in fighting shape for the Winter Olympics within seven weeks, thanks to her “great support system.”

Kerrigan says, “I was able to do something positive instead of looking at the negative side, adding that the attack was so long ago that it “almost feels like a different person.”

Kerrigan is currently creating a film featuring young female figure skaters competing against one another and stressing the importance of friendship.