Foods To Eat If You Are Hungry At Night

There is something strange about waking up at 3 a.m. when the world around you is pitched back, your stomach grumbling.

You might be feeling hungry as it is not breakfast or any meal; chips and salsa are just as good as the leftover steak from earlier.

We talked with registered dieticians about what makes a good midnight snack an excellent way to get back to sleep.

What can you eat that won’t ruin your sleep?

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Cheese And Crackers

Meshulam suggests that snacking should include fiber and protein to keep one satiated. Cheese and crunchy, fiber-filled crackers provide protein and satisfaction in this classic combo.

Meshulam said, “Cheese contains some tryptophan, which also converts to melatonin and can help sleep.”

Vegetables And Hummus

The fresh and crunchy taste of baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers paired with your favorite hummus make for an ideal midnight snack.

Amanda Frankeny, a registered dietician, says, “I swear people forget that they often like eating vegetables. If you missed your produce dose throughout the day, squeeze it in at night.

Tart Cherries And Pistachios

Many studies have demonstrated that eating tart cherries can help you sleep better. Cherries are a great midnight snack since they naturally contain melatonin, a sleep aid.

Meshulam said, “The pistachios ensure you are satisfied with the fat/protein, plus they give you some melatonin.”

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Banana And Nut Butter

For quality sleep, try eating balanced snacks, like bananas and nut butter, as sugary diets, especially before bed, are linked to poor sleep.

Frankeny explained: “The fruit contains potassium, helping to relax your muscles, and complex carbohydrates, which regulate blood sugar spikes that might keep you up.”

Make Sure You Don’t Wake Up Hungry

Sleep is essential for good health. An occasional midnight snack is OK, but waking up hungry every night may signify something else.

Keep your bed as comfy as possible and your sleep space as dark and quiet as possible to prevent nighttime snacking.