Fly Me To The Moon – Seriously

Like a page straight out of a Science Fiction novel, now you too can take a trip into space around the moon.  No longer just a daydream, the exciting news was announced that SpaceX has officially booked its very first passenger to journey around the moon.

According to a tweet posted on Twitter Thursday, SpaceX has indeed signed its first passenger to board their BFR launch vehicle.  The booking of this first passenger is being heralded as:

“an important step toward enabling access for everyday people who dream of traveling in space.”


As stated by Elon Musk, when first introduced last year, the BFR was touted as being able to carry up to 100 passengers, as part of a personal trip around the moon experience.

No information or details were released on who the inaugural passenger may be, or why they chose to book the flight.  However, Musk’s SpaceX said they would reveal all the information by Monday.  However, that deadline has come and gone, and still, no word or any new information is forthcoming from the company.

Musk did, however, offer a clue upon the announcement of the booking, by tweeting the flag of the nation Japan.  This was Musk’s answer when asked if it was he, himself, who was the actual passenger.  Then again, in yet another tweet, Musk did emphasize that the rendering of the BFR spacecraft to be used was new.

Image: The Verge

This past June, Wall Street Journal announced that SpaceX would not be following through on its highly touted promise, made in early 2017, to send a couple to the moon.  That trip was planned for later this year, on their Dragon spacecraft.

SpaceX is quick to state that the two tourists, who paid a substantial deposit for the opportunity to take the trip, will still be able to go.  However, it has been reported to have been postponed to mid, 2019, if not longer.