Flip Flop Socks–Seriously?

I don’t know about you, but I would never in my wildest dreams think that something like flip-flop socks would ever come to be, let alone become a major fashion trend.  However, that seems to be the very case.

Known by several other names such as “pedicure socks”, “toe-less socks” and “sandal socks” this newest trend in footwear is one that appears to be a hit with the flip-flop crowd.  Usually offered as a hand-knitted item, they are pretty much causing a storm of sales on the Etsy handmade site.

Image: Rare.us

Although there are several versions offered on several different shops, the one shop that seems to really have the market for these items is that of OffTheHookByChrissy.  Her shop has garnered a massive amount of positive reviews, and customers are singing the products praises.

One review stated:

“I love, love, love my pedi socks, especially since we have been getting colder temperatures the last two weeks!!”

It would seem that flip-flop wearers fight tooth and nail to hang up their beloved footwear when the temperature turns cold.  However, with this newest trend, they won’t have to.  They will be able to extend their flip-flop wearing season by at least a few months—or until there is snow on the ground.

Image: Flickr

It would seem that this newest trend is going to be one that stays around for a while, as flip-flop aficionados are loving them.  When you look at it from a marketing aspect, it is pretty much an ingenious product.  It plays into the customers desire to keep wearing their flip-flops well past the footwears intended season.

Still, the question is, will the trend keep going, or will flip-flop wearers see it as a major fashion faux pas?  Would you wear them yourself? What do you think?