“Flash” Movie May Consider “IT” Director

The DC Comics Cinematic Universe is in a state of constant reconstruction. Ever since 2017’s “Justice League” underperformed, there’s been a shifting in previous plans that has led to some better successes. “Aquaman” was a strong enough adventure epic to garner the highest box office returns during Christmas of 2018 and “Shazzam,” while not a smash hit at the box office, certainly pleased audiences and critics more than previous DC entries, with “Wonder Woman” being the obvious exception.

But DC also made plans for hero solo movies that are still a bit up in the air. “The Batman” has been going through some major changes with the departure of Ben Affleck. The latest to suffer is the solo film for The Flash, the speedster hero played by Ezra Miller with small roles in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad,” with his bigger debut in “Justice League.”

Image: Collider

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “IT” director Andy Muschietti is currently in talks to take over the project. This comes after news broke that directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein decided to drop out of the project over creative differences that they’ve been having with the film’s star Ezra Miller. Their problem was that Miller wanted to keep the dark tone of previous DC films while Daley and Goldstein wanted to shoot for something lighter. Could you blame the directors? The last DC movies have been heading in a brighter direction and The Flash certainly seems in line for a more cheerful superhero film considering he was the comic element of “Justice League.”

But, hey, if dark is what Miller wants, there’s little doubt that Muschietti won’t deliver after his work on the horror film “IT.”