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Fixing Low Water Pressure In The Home

Some days, it just seems that the water pressure comes out barely more than a trickle.  Then there are the times when it seems to take what feels like forever for the washing machine to fill up and begin

cycling, then you may very well be suffering from low water pressure.  The good news is that water pressure issues are easy to diagnose and solve.

Water Pressure Measurement

In most homes, the ideal water pressure is somewhere between 40 and 60 PSI, with 50 being considered perfect.

To check your home’s water pressure, you will need to purchase a water pressure gauge, usually costing around $15 at most any hardware store.

Once you have purchased the gauge, you will need to attach it to your outside spigot and turn the water on.

If the gauge indicates the pressure from the water being below 40 PSI, then you have low water pressure.

Image: Walls HQ

Making Adjustments

Once you have officially confirmed that you have low water pressure, you will need to increase it by adjusting the pressure regulator on your main water pipe.

If you can not find the regulator on your home’s main water pipe, it may be located near your water meter.

There is a threaded bolt located on top of the valve.  You will need to loosen the locknut and turn the bolt to the right.

Recheck your water pressure gauge, and when it gets to 50 PSI, secure the value by tightening the locknut.

If All Else Fails

If for some reason adjusting the pressure regulator, or by chance, your home doesn’t have a regulator, did not help with your water pressure, the problem may lie within your city/county’s water system.

Make a call to your city hall or country water department and see if any water problems exist near you.

If not, then they should make a service call to assess the situation and possible problem.