Five Ways Cats Show Affection Toward Their Hoomans

Any cat owner will tell you that not only are cats standoffish at times, but they are also very subtle animals.  Many who have never been owned by a cat mistake their standoffishness as a sign they don’t love their owners.  When in fact, that is not the case, as cats show their love in a completely different manner than dogs.  There are several different ways they show affection to their hoomans to let them know they love them, and we will take a look at five of them now.

Cheek Rub

Cats greet those that they feel safe with and trust by continually rubbing them with their cheeks.  They also use this as a means to initiate socialization, as they have pheromone producing scent glands in their cheeks.

Head Bunting

Head bunting it the action that involves your cat bopping their head against yours.  Cats use this gesture to show you their affection and reinforce that they trust you.  There are scent glands in your cats’ head that, when they head bunt, allow them to mark you as being their territory.

Image: Catnip Camera


Purring the most common manner in which all cats express their love and affection for their hoomans.  There is an area in a cat’s throat that, when perfectly relaxed or enjoying that such as a belly rub, will begin to vibrate.  In very rare cases, purring can be an indicator of pain as well.

Showing You Their Belly

While a child throwing itself on the ground and rolling around in front of you is a sure-fire tantrum, when a cat performs the same gesture, they are showing you they are happy to see you.  It is also believed that when a cat, or any pet, shows you their belly, it is relaying the signal that they trust you.


Blinking At You Slowly

Have you ever have those times when you look at your cat and notice them staring at you and slowly blinking?  That is because they are letting you know that they not only trust you but enjoy their time in your company.  Cat owners have termed this mannerism as “cat kisses.”