Five Reasons for Gaining Weight Though Training for a Marathon

Many of them get trained for half marathons to remain fit and win the race, but some get prepared to lose weight. Given all those hours of training, it would be logical to rationalize things automatically.

But it is not only the case, according to Kristy Baumann, RD, who explained that marathon workouts could sometimes result in weight gain, which happened to her.


Baumann ran for more than 20 years and ran multiple half-marathons and nine full-length marathons, including the famous Boston Marathon. She specializes in helping runners of all levels fuel their bodies to run strong and have a healthy relationship with food.

Here Are The Five Reasons For Gaining More Weight

Do Not Eat More Carbs: When you eat more carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes, oatmeal, and rice, it gets stored in your liver as glycogen, which causes your body to hold onto more water.

Intensive Workouts: When you perform higher intensity workouts, long runs, and interval workouts, it increases inflammation in the body.

Don’t Skip Meals After Your Run: Once, after a long run, you need to have some food because when you are more hungry, you tend to eat high-calorie food. It may lead to weight gain.

Lack Of Sleep: You need to have enough sleep so that your body does not get strained to be fresh in the morning. It increases the stress hormone cortisol, which may put on weight.

Muscle Gain: Many runners incorporate strength training in their routine, and building muscles can increase your weight. It means that a pound of muscle mass occupies less space than a pound of fat.