Five Mobility Stretches For Desk Workers To Ease Aches

The aches and pains associated with writing all day are inevitable if you work at a desk all day. The good news is that you don’t have to give up your desk altogether if you want to ease discomfort.

This five-exercise routine will help you increase mobility in your neck, wrists, hands, spine, and lower body says physical therapist and trainer Sam Chan.

Chan says, “We’re going to use these exercises to create dynamic motions, improve blood flow, and create a nice dynamic stretch mobilizing those soft tissues.”

Upper Trap Stretch

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It targets your upper trapezius muscle. Chan says, “Our goal is to lock down your hand so that your shoulder cannot raise; we want to stretch both ends of that muscle. Do three repetitions with a five-second hold.”

Neck CARs

The controlled articular rotations (CARs) target your neck and upper back. Chan says, “Make contact between your vertebrae and your neck at every level, opening up your spine. Do three to five times slowly in each direction.”

Median Nerve Floss

Chan said, “It’s a nerve mobilization exercise. It mobilizes and stretches the nerve. Create tension at the wrist and neck by bending your hand the opposite way. A carpal tunnel runs alongside the median nerve.”

Spine Extension

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It’s time to work on your back. By doing this exercise, Chan noted that you’re creating a nice back bend posture to reverse the long periods of forward sitting you’ve been doing at your desk. Breathe deeply throughout.

Hamstring Stretch

You can open up the posterior chain muscles by stretching at the back of your hamstring and thigh. Chan suggests spinning your foot inward and outward to intensify this stretch to put a little healthy tension on the sciatic nerve.

Chan says, “If you can’t get out of the office, these are the five exercises you can perform to get yourself feeling healthy, stress-free, and mobile.”