Five Minutes Of This Breathing Technique Can Help You Relax

America is experiencing rising levels of anxiety.

There are moments when even the most Zen people in your life feel like they are losing control. These days, stress cannot be avoided. The simple, effective technique can help ease the pain.

Dr. Nina Smiley, a psychologist, shared her insight on this subject.

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What To Do?

Try breathing as a stress reducer even if you don’t regularly practice yoga or meditation. Getting the most out of deep breathing doesn’t require prior experience.

Smiley said, “If you find yourself in a stressful situation, immediately focus on your breathing pattern.”

Smiley recommends clenching the muscles in your body as you inhale fully and hold your breath for a moment in extra-stressful situations.

She said, ” By breathing out slowly, you can physically let go of stress. The moment you begin and continue mindful breathing, you’ll notice the change.”

How Does It Work?

Taking a minute to take a breath gives you a chance to take a break from whatever is causing you stress. More importantly, it has positive effects on the body.

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Smiley explains, ” As you practice breathing and meditation more regularly, you begin to build a new neural path in the brain that you can access during stressful times.”

Smiley suggests that breathing techniques and meditation can be beneficial for lowering blood pressure, increasing focus, improving relationships, and increasing productivity.

Therefore, the next time you feel overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, take a moment to breathe – you may find it calms you down and helps you stay calm.