Fitness Trainer Says Working Out Enabled Him To Come Out As Transgender

Sahara Gentry turned his passion for fitness into a lifestyle, making a career for himself as a transgender trainer. He uses social media to empower members of the LGBTQ community seeking comfortable in their bodies.

Sahara from Southern Kentucky, who has 19000 followers started going to the gym as a lesbian female seeking to create a more masculine appearance that he even learned about transgender people.


When he was 18, Sahara said he did not know about the trans community where he had always been a masculine lesbian. Well, I did not realize the reality of hormone treatment that could happen to me.

After becoming a personal trainer, I started getting many trans men who approached me with their body issues through social media. Then I began to acquire more knowledge on the trans community, and I was struck by the fact that you could see a doctor and get hormone therapy.

Eight years before Sahara joined the gym, he recalls the fitness goals motivated by the unhappiness he felt with his body. Today, he loves his body and the way he has worked to create muscle arms, abs, and legs which he had always dreamed for himself.

“Be a caring man, a strong woman, be the embodiment of both!” he captioned a 2019 Instagram post in which he was photographed wearing a shirt that reads, “Gender roles are dead.”


Gentry faced many obstacles in hormone treatment and learned how the therapy would impact his training and the programs of his transgender clients. He’s proud of his parents for supporting him since he was a lesbian.

“My mom prepared me,” he says. “You have to be a little tough when you come out in this world.”