Fit At 100, He Enjoys Martinis, Works Out, And Has A Dangerous Sweet Tooth

The 100-year-old Les Savino exercises for three hours every day, even on the weekends, because he needs a little motivation.

Savino, who lives independently, tells said, “I don’t feel like going now that I’m 100, but I still go. Most people at 100 no longer enjoy life. I know that it’s necessary if I want to enjoy life. My days are just as normal as when I was 30.”

He said, “Exercise is much better than medicine. A lot of people live on pulls, but I don’t. I take pills for high blood pressure, and that’s the extent of it.”

Savino has never suffered a major illness like cancer or heart disease. He uses a walker but has struggled with balance due to Ménière’s disease, an inner ear disorder. During a reporter’s call, the centenarian spoke with ease and humor. Good genes and a healthy lifestyle are both credited with his incredible longevity.

From the conversation, these are some highlights:

Consume In Moderation

He said, “Food is the main focus for many people. Savino prefers seafood and vegetables over meat. On a weekly basis, he makes a frittata, an egg-based Italian dish. He explains that he eats until his appetite is satisfied, then he stops.

Keep Your Mind Active

Keeping up with current events is an excellent way to stay informed and mentally engaged. It is particularly challenging to solve murder mysteries, which is what Savino enjoys reading. His hobbies have always included stained glass creations, woodwork, and furniture refinishing.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Savino says he always ate healthily, exercised, and kept a clean lifestyle. It was never his habit to smoke. He says that every time his doctor asks him why he is here, he feels good. Despite not feeling like going to the gym, I still go because I have benefited many times.

Keep A Smart Approach To Life

Intelligent people live clean lives. Savino advises knowing what’s best for you. A healthy lifestyle will enable you to enjoy your life to the fullest. The joy of living preserves you. It’s hard to stop. I’m 100 now. “I don’t want to quit.”