First Female Soldier In History Graduates From U.S. Army Sniper Course

It is a great honor for us to be in the Army to serve the nation. But joining the military is not an easy task as they have their tests and procedures. Nowadays, women are proving that they are not less than men in every aspect of life. Some of them have become the most promising entrepreneurs in the world.

Women have consistently graduated from some of the most complex military schools since lifting the ban on women in combat in 2015. In the same year, two female officers graduated from the Army’s elite Ranger School. The Army saw the graduation of its first female Green Beret In 2020.

It is a proud moment for the U.S. army that a female Montana soldier is the first to graduate from the U.S. Army’s sniper course. In a recent media release, Major General J. Peter Hronek, Montana’s adjutant general, said a female soldier completed the mentally and physically grueling seven-week course on November 5, 2021.

After enlistment, she was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia, for One Station Unit Training, a 22-week course that combines basic training and infantry skills. Major General says, “We are very proud of this soldier’s achievement and recognize that this is a milestone for Montana and the entire National Guard and the Army.” The military is not releasing her name at this time.

“This soldier had to volunteer on several occasions to achieve this goal, demonstrating her dedication and commitment to service,” he said in a statement. Last December, she joined the Montana Army National Guard and qualified as an expert shooter while participating in infantry unit training in Fort Benning, Georgia.