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Feeling Tired And Run Down—Why Not Napercize?

Data collected from recent research shows that 86 percent of parents stated that they feel that they regularly suffer from fatigue.  Taking into fact that it has been determined how important it is to get a good night’s sleep for overall mental and physical wellbeing, this number is more than a little alarming.

However, there is a new exercise workout that can help—and it is called “napercising.”  This is where participants do nothing but sleep, on single beds, for a full 45 minutes at an exercise studio based in England.  The fitness chain of David Lloyd Clubs is targeting the new exercise at “exhausted parents.”  The hour-long “classes” aim to “reinvigorate the mind and improves the mood,” while at the same time burn the occasional calorie, as described by the company’s website.


Each “class” begins and ends with a set series of stretching exercises, and if the trial proves as successful as expected, the chain may consider rolling out the unique idea on a national level.  A statement made via press release stated the company was always looking for ways to tackle the day to day issues that everyday families are forced to face.  ‘Napercise’ sets out to do just that.

After the stretching exercises, the instructors will proceed to play music that creates the necessary calming and relaxing atmosphere, with the room’s temperature also being dropped for the class.  The target base that of parents stated they were really excited about trying out the class, as they found it difficult to relax at home.

Even if the participants do not get to sleep during the allotted class time, the instructors hope that they at least get a feeling of being invigorated, rested, and restored—in both body and mind.  Critics of the class have spoken up wondering why someone would pay for a class when they can get a good old fashioned catnap at home for free.