Fast-Track Your Results By Slowing Down In Your Workouts

Take a deep breath and slow down. You can get better results by working out differently than quickly squeezing in as many repetitions as possible until your muscles tire.

In this efficient training style, slow, controlled movements are the key to time under tension (TUT). Most trainers agree that the time under tension (TUT) technique is one of the most effective ways to increase hypertrophy.

Jessica Mazzucco, the certified fitness trainer, said, “TUT is a type of exercise technique that aids in stimulating muscle fibers and leading to a more sculpted physique. Instead of focusing on the number of reps of an exercise, TUT training aims to make athletes slow down and perform an exercise with less momentum.”

Focusing On Time Under Tension

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What are the benefits of time under tension? TUT offers many perks for fitness enthusiasts, no matter where they are in their strength journey.

  • Put more strain on your muscles
  • Increase your awareness of your body
  • Break through a plateau
  • Training without equipment is effective
  • Strengthening and improving muscular control

How Effective Is Time Under Tension Training?

The benefits of TUT training go beyond whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete. Mazzucco says that this type of training prevents muscles from adapting to regular resistance training and plateauing.

It recruits all the muscle fibers in six-second eccentric and concentric movements rather than one-second eccentrics and concentric. Tempo training is efficient with functional movements, but you can use a slow time scheme for many exercises.

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The Best Way To Do TUT Workouts

Each workout will look different using the TUT method. Here are some general rhythm tips from trainers:

  • Don’t rush
  • Ensure safety is a priority
  • Start with a lighter weight
  • Challenge yourself
  • Take time to recover

The Best Time To Work With A Trainer

Taking proper form is imperative in preventing injuries since you’ll engage each muscle more deeply. Mazzucco recommends consulting with a trainer for maximum muscle growth and endurance before using heavier weights than usual.