Fan Favorite Officially Confirmed As Not Returning For Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

Anyone who is a fan of Marvel movies knows that the studio keeps any information about their projects locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

For this very reason, it is somewhat surprising that the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, James Gunn, is so forthcoming with information and details about his films on social media.

Gunn is also in the habit of engaging his followers in conversations about rumors they have heard or to offer tidbits about the plans he has for his films—for both DC and Marvel.

With that said, and the Guardians of the Galaxy being confirmed as part of the MCU’s future, it is assumed that Gunn has already planned the future of our intergalactic heroes.

Image: Comic Vine – GameSpot

On the topic of future films, fans are clamoring that Gunn finds a way to bring back favorite character Yondu, as portrayed by actor Michael Rooker.

Although it is understood that Yondu died saving Quill at the end of GotG 2, but it is Marvel after all, and anything can be done or can be possible.  If Gunn really wanted to, he could find a reasonable manner in which to resurrect the character.

Image: ComicBook

But alas, Gunn is against the idea and stated that as long as he is involved with the GotG franchise, Yondu will not be returning.  Gunn even took to Twitter, tweeting a reply to a fan that asked about Yondu’s return:

“As I’ve said before, Yondu is dead & will stay dead as long as I’m involved with the Guardians.  His death means something to people & I’m not about to dimmish that.”

Yondu’s death was thought out and meant something in the overall franchise, and bringing him back in an attempt to please fans would make the death tarnished and belittled.