Family Trips With Kids Should Feel Like Vacations

Parents have a saying: When you have children, it is not a vacation; it is a relocation.

Something is unsettling about traveling with babies and young children, no matter where you go or get there.

All those daily parenting tasks — the feedings, the diaper changes, and the cleaning up —follow you to your destination.

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Nevertheless, family vacations do not need to be a headache for parents. You can make traveling with kids more manageable and enjoyable with some preparation, compromise, and realistic expectations.

Parents have shared parental tips for vacationing with kids. Check them out:

Plan Your Trip Carefully

Thanks to baby carriers, bringing your newborn on a city trip filled with museums and cafes is not hard. As a parent, the mere thought of taking my now 2-year-old to an art museum is enough to make me break out in hives.

Gina McMillen, author, and artist, says, “When planning vacation activities, knowing my boundaries, kids’ ages and personalities have come in handy. My personal favorite is a low-key trip to a beach. Beaches are endless and straightforward entertainment and have a bonus of just being a place that I find to be relaxing.”

Stay Flexible And Manage Expectations

Jazmine McCoy says, ” Travel is fun with so many wonderful family memories, but keep in mind that kids struggle to adjust to the new, often unpredictable schedules.

Thus, expect more intense feelings, crankiness, and less sleep, and try to meet their basic needs.”

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Keep Your Kids Busy With Snacks And Activities

McCoy says, “Travel involves spending hours on planes and in cars, which can make kids restless. You can pack their favorite on-the-go activities, such as water-display activities pads, reusable sticker books, etc.

Traveling consumes energy as well. Be sure to carry snacks to fill their stomachs. When traveling, pack snacks in your diaper bag, such as fruit and veggie pouches, snack bars, veggie straws, etc.