Fall’s Biggest Makeup Trends Are Perfect For Vacations

It’s safe to say you’ve made it once you’re dubbed the Beyonce of Japan. In her podcast, Naomi Takes America, the 34-year-old multi-hyphenate answers callers’ questions on American culture.

She’s hilarious and insightful about American culture. Her insights and quips on American culture are both insightful and hilarious. ICYMI, statement-making makeup, hair, and nail looks are everywhere and perfect for vacation. Check out these must-try looks, and learn how to recreate them yourself.

Have Fun With Color

This ultra-vibrant makeup looks so good because primary colors—red, yellow, and blue—are the basis of all aesthetically pleasing art. How to keep it chic? Use matte textures instead of shiny finishes.

Boost The Glimmer

Traveling anywhere means experimenting with icy blues, icy greens, grays, and pinks instead of the same old neutral shades. Line your eyes with black eyeliner, mix and match shadow colors to create a watercolor effect, and apply two coats of mascara to seal the deal.

Embrace Pink

In other words, we’re saying that vacation glam deserves to make a statement, and this matchy look does just that. Use pink multi-use cream pigment on your lids, lips, and cheeks, spray temporary color on your hair, and use ombré press-on nails on your manicure.

Go Off The Rails

There’s no denying it: full-face line work is the look of the moment, and it’s pretty easy to recreate. Make a cat eye on one eye, then extend the line downwards and upwards to the bottom and top. You’re good to go with a little lip gloss.