Facebook Breakup: Time to Let Go

Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling Facebook, annoyed by all the political rants filling your feed or by the keyboard warriors that can ruin even the cutest cat video?

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things in our lives, even if they’re bringing us more negativity than positivity, because they’re just a bad habit.

Reasons to Breakup with Facebook

I found Facebook brought me more displeasure than benefit, so we broke up. These are the reasons I think you should join me in giving it the boot.

It isn’t about you and your friends anymore. Facebook used to be for poking, messaging, and writing status updates about where you were going and with who. Now it’s about political propaganda, liking advertiser’s pages, and sharing irrelevant material.

Facebook has lost its charm of being about social connection. With so many other social media platforms that garner true human interactions, for example Snapchat, Facebook has become a site people hop on to scroll the news or send a message. This can easily be done on so many other sites, but because we are a generation so used to having it, the habit lingers.

The art of exchanging numbers has died, and we need to get it back. I’ve heard countless times “that guy *insert name* from last night was so nice! I didn’t get his number but I’ll find him on Facebook.”

Why have we stopped exchanging numbers? There is an importance in the ability to effectively communicate and exchange contact information with someone. If you really want to connect, there should be a conversation that takes place about it happening. I hate that Greasy Joe from the bar can possibly find me and send me a message, simply because he asked my name. Of course the argument is that there are privacy settings to help prevent this. But don’t you miss someone actually asking you if it’s okay to contact you – instead of assuming they can?

These are a couple reasons that were my catalyst for finally ditching Facebook. I can think of a lot of others that have been discussed time and time again – it wastes your time, it prevents you from having a potentially great conversation, it feels like our lives aren’t private… So maybe, it’s finally time to let it go.