Extraction 2 To Begin Filming 2022

It’s official!  Production has begun on the highly anticipated sequel to the Netflix hit Extraction.  From the moment the film hit online streaming service last year, it was an instantaneous hit.  Because of its massive success, it was pretty much a given that Netflix would greenlight a sequel.

Hemsworth will be returning in his role as the lead character and director Sam Hargrave once again directing.  Other than that, there isn’t that much known about the second entry into what looks to be a developing franchise.

Image: People

Hargrave took to Instagram this past Monday, posting a photo celebrating the wrap on the first day of filming. From the looks of the photo, it is frigid and snowy where the production is filming, as Hargrave is bundled up.’

The photo serves as a tease to the opposite climate of the first film, having been primarily based in the Middle East.  The caption for the photo reads: “Shoot Day 1 is in the books for Extraction 2!  We have such an amazing cast and crew…Excited about this one!!!!”

Image: The Indian Express

Extraction’s first film served as Hargrave’s directorial debut, having worked previously as a stunt coordinator for several big-name films, such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Marvel alums, Joe and Anthony Russo served as both producers and screenplay writers on the Extraction.

In an interview he participated in earlier this year, Joe Russo commented on the hopes that they could begin producing and filming the film’s sequel before the end of 2021.  Russo offered: “Yeah, we’re still working on 2.  We’re in the script phase right now, but we hope to shoot that sometime next year.  And then you know, say I’m super excited, Hemsworth is super excited, Netflix is excited, so it’s really just a function of getting the script done.”