Experts Weigh In On TikTok’s Drink Craze, ‘Healthy Coke’

Drink trends are TikTok’s strong suit, from chia seed water “internal showers” to whipped coffee. However, its latest trend is causing social media users to be skeptical.

TikToker Amanda Jones shared a video of herself making a “healthy alternative to a Coke.”

The recipe? The drink consists of sparkling water (in Jones’ case, a guava-flavored LaCroix) and balsamic vinegar.

Jones assures in the video, “I am not joking you. It tastes like a Coke, and you’ll think I’m insane.”

The concoction generated mixed reactions on TikTok.

It tastes like “carbonated balsamic vinegar,” noted registered dietitian @nutritionbykylie.

Jones herself was surprised at the response. She tells Yahoo Life, “I’m an actress in LA, and I use TikTok as an outlet between auditions.”

Consequently, I poured myself a drink while writing this article. A little sour, sweet, and overall refreshing — to me, it tastes like a wine spritzer or a kombucha.

Balsamic vinegar soda may not taste as good as Coke, but is it at least a healthy replacement if you like it?

Registered dietitian nutritionist Keri Gans says, “Comparing this combination to a regular soda, it is a healthier option, as a cup of Coca-Cola has 39 grams of added sugar per 12-ounce serving.”

Dietitian and founder of the Wellful, Brenda O’Malley, says the health benefits are generally pretty modest.

She notes, “It’s not any different than using balsamic vinegar in cooking or as a salad dressing.”

She says if it’s a Coke you crave, it is better to go for it.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you choose balsamic vinegar and seltzer.

According to registered dietitian Heather Finley, consuming too much vinegar at once could cause stomach and esophagus irritation.

Finley says, “I would caution individuals in drinking vinegar if they have gastritis, ulcers or inflammation.”