Experts Recommend The Best Time To Eat Dessert

It is inevitable that, after sharing a great meal with friends and family, a difficult moment will arise. A delicious pie or cake is served.

Registered dietitians were asked to figure out the best time to eat dessert and whether you should wait until you are hungry.

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Ideal Time For A Sweet Treat

Dietitian Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes, says eating earlier in the day may be best for digestion.

A treat enjoyed too close to bedtime can contribute to acid reflux, heartburn, upset stomach, or poor sleep.

According to registered dietitian Alissa Rumsey, dessert is part of celebrations, enjoyment, and pure pleasure, so eating it later in the day or evening is fine too.

A 20-Minute Rule

A study has shown waiting 20 minutes before eating another portion or dessert is a good idea: The brain registers fullness after about 20 minutes.

Rumsey said, “It can take time for your stomach to communicate with our brains that you are physically full, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat dessert right after a meal.”

Dessert Is Always Good

You may have space in your stomach for dessert even after waiting 20 minutes and feeling full. There is nothing less natural than this second stomach, which is more mental than physical.

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Eating food isn’t just for nourishment. The mere fact that you’re physically full does not necessarily mean you’re done eating, Rumsey said.

Rumsey states that searching for cookies or chocolate after dinner implies that your meal wasn’t satisfying. An unhealthy diet or a restrictive lifestyle can lead to this.