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Expert’s Advice On Ticks, Allergies, Fireworks, And Other Summer Dangers For Pets

The time is suitable for all pet owners to prepare their pets for the upcoming summer ahead.

Pet summer bummers?

PEOPLE spoke to Jenna Stregowski, a registered veterinary technician and a pet health and behavior editor at Daily Paws.

Dr. Stragowski shared her tips for pet owners about ticks, fireworks, allergies, and more – and how to prepare pets for the best summer ever.

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Are Pet Owners Prepared For The 2022 Tick Season?

There is an increased risk of tick-borne diseases, including those carried by companion animals.

The Companion Animal Parasite Council and Veterinary Practice News predict the increased risk.

But ticks can be a threat year-round.

How Can You Protect Your Pet From Ticks?

Tick prevention products are best used all year long to protect pets against ticks.

Veterinary advice is the best way to choose the right tick prevention product for your pet.

Usually, they are found near skin folds and ears and in and around skin folds.

Summer Pests Other Than Ticks To Watch Out For?

Mosquitoes spread heartworm, so it’s more common during warm weather. Fleas are especially active.

The American Heartworm Society recommends dogs receive year-round protection from heartworms. Some heartworm prevention products also protect against intestinal parasites.

Are Pet Allergies Common In The Summer?

The environment can cause allergies in animals, such as pollen from trees, grasses, and other plants, mold, feathers, and even dander from wild animals.

Spring and summer are seasons when allergens are especially prevalent.

How Can You Protect A Pet Against Heat Exhaustion?

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In veterinary emergencies, heat exhaustion and heatstroke can develop suddenly.

A temperature of 103 to 103.9 degrees is heat exhaustion, and over 104 degrees is heatstroke, requiring immediate treatment.

Make sure your pet has access to cool, freshwater. During the summer heat, take frequent breaks for shade and water.