Expert Explains How Stress And Lack Of Sleep Can Affect Your Immune System

Those who have experienced stress are familiar with the stomach in knots, sleepless nights, frustration, and agitation that come with big work projects and upcoming life milestones. It is a typical emotional feeling we will all experience at some point in our lives. Even though stress is inevitable, its effects on our bodies needn’t be.

Dr. Susan Mitmesser, VP, said, “Our health is comprised of multiple systems working together. An inability to cope with stress can disrupt our sleep, and without good sleep, the body has less time to restore itself and keep our immune system robust.”

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For us to deal with stress effectively, Dr. Mitmesser describes two types: acute and chronic stress. Acute stress has a low impact. It also happens multiple times a day and is the most common.

In contrast, chronic stress results from the stress you get from everyday occurrences, such as paying bills, doing your job, and taking care of your family. It is essential to recognize sleep and stress’s role in immunity to ensure a healthy body and mind.

Dr. Mitmesser says, “when one is disrupted, it can have a cascading impact on your overall wellness.”

A lack of sleep can weaken your immune system and prevent you from performing at your best. A cytokine is a protein that combats infection and inflammation and is produced and released while we sleep.

Dr. Mitmesser says, “We often think of the immune system as seasonal, but just like any good operating system, the immune system is constantly running in the background.”

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For people seeking to maintain a healthy balance of sleep, stress, and immunity, Nature Made has launched Wellblends, a line of scientifically curated solutions.

Mitmesser said, “Our Back to Sleep product is low dose melatonin, but also has L- theanine, which is an amino acid that acts on the Alpha Brainwave and relaxes your mind.”

Having trouble falling and staying asleep, Wellblends is now my go-to source for sleep support. In addition to using the product line, a healthy lifestyle is equally important.

Dr. Mitmesser said, “It’s not just about our diet or exercise. It’s looking at all these things collectively because if one is out of balance, it will most likely impact another aspect of your life.”