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Experience The Splendor Of America Through Amtrak’s Coast Starlight

It has long been said that if you want to see the real beauty that America has to offer, then you need to see it by way of a train ride.  And there is not better train ride to achieve this than that of Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, considered “one of America’s most beautiful train rides” for over almost eight decades.

The Coast Starlight begins its journey in Seattle and ends in Los Angeles.  Along the way, the Coast Starlight takes its passengers through the states of Washington, Oregon, and California.  Along the way, the travelers can take in the beauty and breathtaking splendor along the West Coast, including mountains, forests, valleys, and even the Pacific Ocean.

The spectacular views are experienced by way of the observation car.  With its floor to ceiling windows and elegant swivel chairs, passengers are sure not to miss one minute of the journey.  And, if that isn’t reason enough to get one excited, the tickets for this spectacular train ride start at only $97.

Image: Miles to Memories

The entire train ride takes approximately thirty-five hours and travels through a total of 30 different destinations.  As few of the areas include Olympia-Lacey, Portland, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay area, and Santa Barbara.  As for the scenery, passengers will view the Cascade Range, Mount Shasta, the Santa Barbara Channel, as we as several national forests and parks, and the Pacific coastline, of course.

The reviews on the train ride state that it is magnificent, and more than lives up to its reputation.  One former passenger stated:

“It truly was a sight to behold.”

If you find that you would like a little more during your trip, you can opt for the “superliner roomette.”  With this package, you will get your own cabin with a bed, for overnight traveling, which will also include your very own window for sightseeing.  With the business class tickets, you will be able to take advantage of the onboard cheese and wine tastings.