Exercise Experts Weight In On How Much We Should Be Doing

It is no question that more and more people are turning to movement as a fundamental way to stay in shape.

Whether it is lifting weights at the gym, taking leisurely walks, or even doing yoga, it is clear that movement is an integral part of taking care of their bodies.

Exercise routines differ from person to person, so how does an individual know the right amount of exercise they should do to remain healthy?

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Here are a few basic guidelines from experts.

How does this benefit people who despise working out? It is technically not necessary to do a formal workout to function well.

Tony Coffey, personal trainer, notes, “Survival isn’t dependent on exercise, but merely getting enough from a nutritional component to support total daily energy expenditure.” Exercise, however, is tied to “longevity.”

According to Dr. Alexis Coslick, a specialist in sports medicine and rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins Medicine, it is currently unclear how much exercise a person needs to survive.

This metric allows you to choose how much exercise you want to do. It’s easy to reach 75 minutes in three days if you keep a sweaty HIIT class a few days a week.

Michele Olson, a clinical professor of sports science at Huntingdon College in Alabama, says people who dislike exercise may find it easier to track steps.

You can stay fit without engaging in formal workouts if you keep your steps up to 7,000 per day.

Coffee agrees that walking is a significant first step for exercise-averse people.

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He notes, “Walking is low-impact, not very time consuming, and is closely related to increased cognition, mood, glycemic control, and decreased risk of all-cause mortality, blood pressure, and postprandial triglycerides.”

Coffey says how much exercise one needs to lose weight depends on how much weight the individual is trying to lose and their overall lifestyle and diet.

He says, “For weight loss to be more accessible, I recommend doing weight training three to four days a week and keeping the daily step count high.