Eva Chen Speaks About Her New Children’s Book ‘Asian Joy’ & Parenting

Eva Chen was an editor at Teen Vogue and joined the tech world, and during her motherhood, she began her new role at Instagram as director of fashion partnerships.

Chen talks about her feeling of motherhood and her children’s book ‘Asian Joy.’

Chen, a mother of three, admits, “I feel like parenting is testing and learning. I do not know if that is my tech brain, but it has informed my parenting style. She says with a laugh, there is no instruction book?”

She told Yahoo Life, “My parenting life is constantly changing. I encourage my kids to be kind, curious, and optimistic. I look at my children Ren, Tao, and River and think about how my parents laid this foundation for me.”

Chen ensures when she is not focused on her parenting role, she is busy writing or overseeing fashion and shopping on Instagram.

During the pandemic, she wrote ‘I am Golden,’ a children’s book when she was pregnant with baby River.

Chen explained, “I wanted to write about Asian Joy. ‘I am Golden’ is about joy and celebration, and the very talented illustrator, Sophie Diao. I talked about making sure the entertainment was apparent on the book cover. I have written eight books, but this one super-personal.”

Chen said that ‘Asian Joy’ is a story about her family, and admit she is nervous to show it to her parents as it is their story.

Chen added, “The illustrations in the book are my father’s family’s photos as I never got to meet his family. The book is a love letter to their immigration story.”

Furthermore, Chen has an instant view of her possible target audience with three young children. She does not take anything for granted, particularly with the release of her latest book and the new collaboration Janie and Jack clothing.