Etude Releases Kit Kat Inspired Eye Shadow Palettes

Popular Nestle candy company is known for releasing mouth watering chocolate products like Kit Kats. But now, they are taking the popularity of Kit Kats to a whole new level. The well-known beauty brand Etude House is launching a new eye shadow palette, and teaming up with Kit Kat to do it.

The company has released two eye shadow palettes, each with six colors, and the logo of the popular Kit Kat seared into each line of makeup. The new palettes also come with a Kit Kat inspired makeup carrying case, so you can broadcast your love of the brand anywhere you go.

The eye shadow palettes are available in “original” and “strawberry tiramisu” formats, each with six neutral or nude eye shadow palettes. The strawberry tiramisu format has more peachy and pink tones in the colors than the original.


It should be clear that while these makeup palettes are stylish and have the Kit Kat logo, there are in no way edible and should not be consumed. Interested consumers can already buy the product online at Etude’s website, and the cost is only about twenty-four U.S. dollars.

The news of this new eye shadow palette comes just as the product is expanding outside of Korea, where it was first introduced to consumers. This new eye shadow palette is currently also being heavily marketed in Japan, where Kit Kats are hugely popular and available in dozens of exclusive flavors that aren’t available outside of Japan.


These “box of chocolate inspired” eye shadow goodies are the perfect thing to get on Valentine’s Day. It’s also unclear if this is a limited time offering or if it’s something the brand plans to keep around permanently. There is currently no plan in place to expand this new Kit Kat eye shadow into other beauty markets internationally.