Eric Roberts To Return As Doctor Who’s The Master

Doctor Who is a British Broadcasting Company (BBC) produced drama tv series that has spanned more than fifty years.  Fans of the show have their own nickname for themselves—Whovians—and they are located worldwide.

The main character is known as the Doctor—a member of a race referred to as Time Lords, from the destroyed planet of Gallifrey.  The Doctor is the owner of a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) that is shaped like an old British police box.

However, there is more to the TARDIS than initially meets the eye, as it is actually a time and space traveling apparatus that is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

During the series run, it has been applauded time and time again for its clever plotlines and not being afraid to push science fiction storytelling boundaries.

Image: Blogtor Who

One of the recurring enemies of the Doctor is his timelord counterpart, the Master. To date, there have been 20 versions of the Master, and each one proves as popular with the fans as the Doctor.

The version of the Master, portrayed by Eric Roberts in the 1996 Doctor Who tv movie, is returning to his iconic role—in a three-part audio series titled Master!.  The audio series will reportedly pick up where the 1996 movie left off, with the Master facing off against the galaxy’s worst enemies—the Daleks—after the metal machines had tried to exterminate him.

Roberts is not the only previous character to return for an audio series.  Paul McGann, the eighth Doctor who battled Roberts Master, in addition to Christopher Eccleston, have both returned to recreate their iconic roles for audio series.

It is suspected that the return of some old tried and true fan favorites may be the studio’s effort to reinvigorate the franchise, as the recent viewership is showing a decline.