Encino Man 2 Being Hyped By Pauly Shore

Rumors are whispering around Hollywood of the possibility of a sequel to the 90s hit Encino Man.  Seriously?  How cool!  That is if actor Pauly Shore has any say about it.  It seems the comedian/actor has been campaigning for the sequel for quite some time, and he wants his original co-star Brendan Fraser on board as well.

The 1992 comedy was original panned by critics when originally released, but the audiences had something else to say—and now the film is enjoying an almost cult status.  The film was not the best choice at the time for Shore, who earned a Razzie for Worst New Actor in his role, but to this day, many of his lines from the film are heard imitated by the youth of today.

The original buddy comedy follows a pair of high-schoolers when they suddenly find themselves in possession of an unthawed caveman (portrayer expertly by Brendan Fraser.)  Working diligently to obtain the popularity they so strongly crave, Dave (Sean Astin) and Stoney (Pauly Shore) are only failing miserably at their endeavor.

Image: Slash Film

While digging for an inground pool in his parent’s backyard, Dave inadvertently digs up a massive block of ice.  As fate would have it, the block of ice melts, producing a caveman who had been frozen alive inside (Fraser).  Given the apropos name of “Link,” Dave and Stoney proceed to pass him off as an exchange student at their school from Estonia.  That is when the hijinx ensue.

Shore has encouraged fans to take to social media and express their excitement about a possible sequel to be done over at Disney+.  In a reset post to Instagram, Shore said:

“Hit up Disney+ and tell them myself, Brendan, and Sean are ready for a sequel.”

It seems that Shore is a tad bit presumptive due to the fact Fraser nor Astin have spoken on the prospect of an Encino Man 2 as of yet.