Embrace These Health Habits This Week To Kick Off The New Year

It’s almost impossible to ignore the creeping resolutions under all our winter comfort food and cocktail indulgences. Why wait until the new year to think about health?

People often find staying motivated when they start strong with a resolution challenging, but it quickly fades over time. It is much easier to integrate changes into our routine and stick with them if we start small and make the transition gradual.

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So what small goals can you set to jumpstart your New Year’s health? The next few weeks will slowly build momentum, preparing you for a productive year.

Start Your Day With A Glass Of Water

It’s probably no secret that you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day. Try this simple way to drink more if that seems impossible. Set a glass of water beside your coffee machine in the mornings so you’ll drink water before anything else. It’s good to start the day with something healthy.

Make Vegetables A Part Of Your Diet

Adding one vegetable to your daily diet will encourage you to eat healthier. It could be as simple as adding spinach to a smoothie, broccoli to stir-fries, or kale chips at night.

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Make Your Workout Plan On Sundays

It’s fun to plan out your week on Sunday. Calendar lovers will love this tip! Schedule a 5-minute workout into your week ahead. Schedule your activity in your calendar, whether a 5-minute yoga stretch or a 45-minute walk. Celebrate the fact that you spent 5 minutes on this!

Get To Know Yourself Better

The first step to being happier is cultivating a positive relationship with yourself, whether you want to exercise more or feel more confident at work. Keep a journal beside your bed or a self-improvement book near your remote. Write your thoughts and feelings before you sleep or watch your favorite show.