Elmo’s Petty Hatred For A Pet Rock Is The Best Thing About 2022 So Far

We are now familiar with the true source of the Hellmo GIF.

A user @wumbooty posted the video on Twitter features the typically laid-back and upbeat Muppet losing his chill when his best friend, Zoe, offers a cookie to her pet rock, Rocco, instead of him.


Zoe says in the short clip after Elmo expresses his interest in eating it, “No wait, Elmo. Rocco says he wants the oatmeal-raising cookie.”

Elmo responds, “Rocco?! Rocco is a rock, Zoe! Rocco won’t know the difference!”

Zoe tried to explain that Rocco is somehow a smelling piece of dirt with an apparent sweet tooth. Elmo flipped out on the rock.

Elmo yells, “How is Rocco going to eat that cookie, Zoe?! Tell Elmo! Rocco doesn’t even have a mouth! It is just a rock! Rocco’s not alive!”

In recent days, Elmo’s video unleashing his inner rage-powered Cookie Monster has gained so much momentum on Twitter. Elmo even felt obliged to respond to the clip, informing his fans that he and Zoe crossed this hurdle in their friendship and learned to share.

Elmo also confirmed that Rocco is indeed his nemesis.

He wrote, “Elmo doesn’t want to talk about Rocco.”

However, Elmo’s beef with Rocco grilled on a hot cooking grill of hatred for the decade.

Polygon reported that Rocco was first introduced on “Sesame Street” in a 1999 episode called “Zoe’s Pet Rock, Rocco” and Elmo “has not known peace since.”


Fans of “Sesame Street” shared many other instances when Elmo left for Rocco with all the relevant energy to be forced to hang around with this person you cannot support, but your best friend continues to invite to each of your outings.