Elf Inspired Coffee Creamers Have Arrived

It’s not even Labor Day yet, and customers are able to go into a store and buy seasonal items for Christmas. That’s right, it’s Christmas in August! As seasonal items for Halloween are just beginning to hit shelves and the temperatures outside are still scorching, customers can buy Christmas drinks in grocery stores.

The drink in question is actually coffee creamer, an essential ingredient (which in itself is a controversial debate) for coffee drinkers. Popular coffee creamer company International Delight is the brain behind the Christmas flavors, and the brand is known to provide some out of the box flavors and combinations for its loyal fanbase.

International Delight is teaming up with none other than Buddy the Elf, from the popular Christmas movie “Elf” for this release. “Elf” tells the story of Buddy, who grew up at the North Pole and goes in search of his father in New York City as an adult. The lead role is played by comedy legend Will Farrell, and is a mainsteam classic Christmas film.


The International Delight coffee creamers available during this new release are actually in three decadent flavors: Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Waffle Cookie and Frosted Sugar Cookie. The peppermint mocha flavor is a minty coffee taste in a bright red package adorned with candy canes, the caramel waffle cookie is a sweet and crisp experience with yellow packaging and round waffle discs in the background.

The frosted sugar cookie is a sugary familiar delight with Christmas tree and frosty the snowman decorated sugar cookies in the background of the green packaging.  All three flavors  will be available in 32 ounce bottles, and be sure to try the frosted sugar cookie and the caramel waffle cookie, as these flavors are new and may not be back to grocery stores! All of these flavors are available in grocery stores nationwide.