Edy’s Releases “Toy Story 4” Ice Cream Flavors

2019 is going to be a big year for movies! For years, 90s kids have highly anticipated the release of “Toy Story 4” the long-awaited next installment of the animated Disney classic “Toy Story,” about the toys in a child’s room that come to life when he’s not around.

The “Toy Story” film franchise has introduced audiences across the world to beloved characters like Woody the cowboy, and Buzz Lightyear, the space invader who has both proved to be major marketable characters over the past two decades. Now, with the upcoming release of the fourth film, ice cream company Edy’s is releasing two new flavors with the popular “Toy Story” characters on the side.

The first flavor is Cinnamon Churro Carnival Combo, which is a vanilla flavor with streaks of cinnamon, and bits of churro inside the ice cream. Also, Buzz Lightyear and two new characters from the movie appear on the side of the carton.


The second flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter Prize Winner, which is a chocolate ice cream with streaks of peanut butter inside of it. There are also bits of chocolate inside the ice cream which are shaped like Buzz Lightyear. Woody and Buzz Lightyear both appear on the side of the carton, and Buzz is flying, while Woody is holding another new character that is shaped like a spoon.

Both new flavors of ice cream will be available from Edy’s in one and a half quart cartons. Right now, the ice creams are available to purchase through Instacart, although it’s likely that the ice cream will be available on grocery store shelves across the United States.  No information is available about a potential retail price. The new and rumored last installment of the “Toy Story” film franchise is expected to drop into theaters on June 21, 2019.