Edy’s Ice Cream Unveils “Frozen 2” Flavors

Princesses Anna and Elsa or Arrendale are about to return to the big screen at the end of the month, and the marketing promotions are already in full swing. “Frozen 2” promotions have been especially strong in food trends, from cookies to icing to crackers and even milk products. The snowy setting for the films is now being reimagined as flavorful ice cream flavors thanks to Edy’s ice cream.

The well-known ice cream company recently unveiled the new flavors based on the fun characters in the film, and the labels. The first flavor is called Magical Mint Snowflake, which features both Anna and Elsa on the label, also well as many snowflakes, which makes sense as creating ice and snow is part of Elsa’s power.  It’s a mint light ice cream and is mixed with a fudge cookie swirl and candy snowflake pieces.

The second flavor is ChocOlaf Fudge Swirl, a fun play on chocolate fudge swirl, except inspired by Olaf, the lovable snowman companion that Anna finds on her journey to look for Elsa. Thsi is a chocolate and marshmallow light ice cream with a fudge swirl and candy Olaf pieces, like his iconic carrot nose.


Both of the flavors are considered to be limited edition and are available in the freezer section in one and a half liter containers. There is no official end date for when the ice cream flavors will be sold, and they will have a regular retail price just like other Edy’s ice cream flavors.

Both of the new flavors have already been spotted on Walmart freezer shelves, and the products are expected to be available in all grocery retailers like Food Lion and Kroger, as well as Target stores through the end of the month and before the release of the movie on November 22nd.